Look what I found while cleaning out a closet. I forgot I had it.  It needs a little work but I think it will sew once I do an oiling and cleaning. It is a sewing machine in a briefcase.  It has all the standard size attachments and the machine itself measures 9″ long x 7″ high x 3″ wide and weights 8 lbs case and all. Amazing. I thought the Singer Featherweight 221 was the smallest machine to make a linked stitch with a bobbin.

Here is the machine all set up in its briefcase / table all ready to sew.

The Bell Micro MB’s and 102’s were produced in either beige or green and were manufactured during the 1950’s. Early machines bear the name Bell Manufacturing Corp. of E. South Street, Freeland, Pennsylvania which was associated with I.J. Morrit Corp. but by 1953 the name had changed to Bell Portable Sewing Machine Corp. Some time after this it moved to New Jersey. Later models were labelled ‘Made By I.J. Moritt Corp. of New York’.  My machine must be a later model as it reads NYC.

In 1954 the machines were being sold in the USA for $79.95.

I will post a picture of it sewing once I get in into tip top shape. I bet DK5 can help me clean off all the old gunky grease.

Happy Sewing, Jennifer