Spray Baste Quilts – No more Pinning

Spray Baste your quilts.  It saves time and gets you quilting much faster. Here is a blog post from Martingale talking about how Spray Baste helps beginners start machine quilting.  Click here sandwich your quilt in a hurry to see why to basting your quilt with temporary adhesive is a good choice.  Spray baste your quilt in less than 45 minutes.  It comes in 2 sizes. Pin basting your quilt or thread basting your quilt takes a long time, hours. Get past the sandwich laying stage to get to the fun quilting stage.  Temporary Adhesive spray will get you quilting and no stopping to remove pins.

Grab your favorite spray and get started.

quily sandwich spray baste
quilt sandwich

Use a no mark quilting method and draw your pattern on tracing paper with a water proof marker, hold the tracing paper in place with the temporary basting spray. Stitch through it following your design and then tare away your paper and your done.

Spray Baste Temporary Fabric Adhesive
Everyone’s favorite choice.

New product Odicoat

ODIF USA was again at Houston Quilt Market this year,  Our 18th year as an exhibitor. The weather was wonderful and there were lots of interesting things going on.  Our new product Odicoat was a big draw. There was lots of interest and fun projects.

Our booth had a new look, a new product Odicoat and a new demonstrator.

Here's our new look
Here’s our new look – gray and white and black with one of our demonstrators: Christine Escanes
Booth mates
Photo bomb: Jennifer O’Brien, (Peter Booth) and Christine Escanes


Demo table with Odicoat projects and Francois Jacquet.

Everyone loved the new product Odicoat…Odicoat is a clear product that is brushed on. When it drys it creates a oil cloth feel and makes fabric water resistant.  You can create a mat finish (1 coat) or glossy finish (2 or more coats). It is great for table runners, umbrellas, purses and tote bags.  Instructions for using Odicoat are: apply a thin coating with a brush, let dry and if you want a denser coating apply a second and or third layer. Odicoat is a wonderful product for Art quilters who want to add texture and a mat or gloss finish. The more layers you apply the glossier the finish becomes. When finished applying your layers heat set with an iron using parchment paper for a mat finish and a Teflon pressing cloth for a glossier finish. The result is lovely.

Keep following our blog for more projects and information as to its national release.

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Cuddle Cloth for Cuddly Quilts

Have your tried Cuddle Cloth. I love it. It is so soft that you wonder if you have ever felt anything soooo soft.
Lots of Cuddle Cloth

This fabric is wonderful for quilts that wrap you up nice an cozy.  Winter is here in the northeast so these are a favorite.

One of the tricks to working with Cuddle Cloth is using 505 Spray and Fix Temporary Adhesive to help stop slipping when layering and stitching together your design.  Check out this link below for lots of Free Patterns.


Happy Quilting, Jennifer

Bell Micro Sewing Machine

Look what I found while cleaning out a closet. I forgot I had it.  It needs a little work but I think it will sew once I do an oiling and cleaning. It is a sewing machine in a briefcase.  It has all the standard size attachments and the machine itself measures 9″ long x 7″ high x 3″ wide and weights 8 lbs case and all. Amazing. I thought the Singer Featherweight 221 was the smallest machine to make a linked stitch with a bobbin.

Here is the machine all set up in its briefcase / table all ready to sew.

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Make your own Coloring Book Fabric with 404 Spray and Fix

Here is a fun way to make your own Coloring Book Fabric.

The following are some basic instructions to show you how to make fabric that is fun to color.


A selection of Coloring Books and 404 Spray and Fix

White or light colored fabric and permanent markers

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Double Pinks Fabric through the ages

Have you heard of pink fabric called Double Pinks or Bubblegum Fabric?

This refers to a color pallet of dark and light pink creating a tone on tone pink over all color with texture. It is a very popular color combination.  It has been popular since the early to mid 1800’s and you will find it in quilts from the mid 1800’s through today. Here are some examples of antique fabrics.  I have many of these in my collection.

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FREE PATTERN: Fused Silk Flower Wall-hanging

FREE PATTERN – Silk Flower Bouquet

NO SEW – Fused Silk Flower Wall-hanging –

Supplies –  

Silk flowers (fabric no plastic)

Background fabric square, 1 fat quarter

606 Spray and Fix

Scrap fabric for vase

Spray box – Cardboard box with quarter

inch screen to create raised bed Iron

Parchment paper / baking paper

Batting and backing fabric, 1 fat quarter each

Basting Spray – 505 Spray and Fix

Hot fix crystals or beads


Instructions –

1. Pull silk flower off the plastic stems.

2. Press flowers flat with iron.

3. Place flowers wrong side up in the spray box and coat with 606 Spray to create a snowy covering. Here is a link to blog showing how to make a spray box – http://www.sew-craft.com/blog/?p=26.

4. Cut out vase shape and press flat with iron. Place in spray box and coat with 606.

5. Place vase at bottom center on the background fabric. Arrange flowers above vase. Once you are happy with the display cover with parchment paper and iron on a high cotton setting. About 15 seconds for the silk flowers and about 35 – 40 seconds for the fabric vase.

6. Embellish centers of flowers with hot fix crystals or beads.

7. Layer backing, batting and top.  Peal top back to the half way point and spray the batting lightly with 505 Spray and Fix.  Roll top forward over sprayed area and lightly pat in place.  If wrinkles occur lift up and reposition as needed.  Repeat on opposite half of your quilt. The top is now completely stuck to the batting. Next turn quilt over and spray batting and stick the backing in place. Machine or hand quilt.

Here are other YouTube videos that show how to do fuse silk flowers with 606 Spray and Fix. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp5XsIy-6RI

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