Here is a fun way to make your own Coloring Book Fabric.

The following are some basic instructions to show you how to make fabric that is fun to color.


A selection of Coloring Books and 404 Spray and Fix

White or light colored fabric and permanent markers

1. Cut out the pages you are interested in using for your composition of images. Here I am using the holiday lights from one page and the candy shapes from the other.  Spray the right side of the image with 404 Spray and Fix.

2. Slide coloring book page under fabric and using your hand pressure stick paper to the back of the fabric. Reposition again and again as needed while you are tracing the images.  You do not have to use the images as they appear on the book page.  The lines in a coloring book are really thick so it is easy to see through the fabric. Next take a black permanent marker and trace the lines onto the fabric. I am creating strips of lights from the Christmas tree page and lines of Candy from the page under the fabric. This creates a different layout than seen on the original page.

3. Below you can see a couple of different layouts. The elephant that you could use as a quilt block and the different placement of images using the lights from the Christmas tree page and the holiday candies from the second page.

All it takes is 3 steps and you are ready to color.  You can color with permanent markers, crayons, fabric paints or anything else that does not wash out.

If you do not want to create your own Coloring Book Fabric you can always use Color ME by Michael Miller. They have wonderful coloring book fabric.

If you are looking for some fun coloring books. Check out the new ones from Adornit –  I just love the images.

Enjoy coloring and creating your own fabric, Jennifer O’Brien