Item #SF202 • Can Size: 8.5 fl. oz. • Net Weight: 6.0 oz.

Temporary adhesive for paper patterns. Eliminates pinning. Dries in 5 minutes so patterns can be stored for future use. Warm iron re-activates glue for the next use. If re-positioning, iron to hold pattern in place a second time. Does not gum needles or scissors. Make your own fusible appliqué projects. Great for appliqué, toy, dress and fashion patterns.

Acid Free – No CFC’s

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Does the adhesive transfer onto the fabric?

No, as with our other adhesives, just let 202 set for a minute and it will not transfer from the surface that you have sprayed.

Once dry can 202 be used again without spraying?

Yes, you can reactivate the adhesive with a low temperature iron. This can be done 3 or 4 times before you will need to spray again.

Can 202 be used on fabric?

Yes 202 works great as a light weight fusible bonding spray on web. Try it on raw edge appliqué that you are going to sew down. A warm iron makes an even bond that holds till you sew it.

Is 202 acid free?

Yes, it will not harm or discolor fabric

Is 202 repositionable?

Yes, 202 is repositionable. If 202 is still tacky just reposition in a new location. If 202 has dried just use a warm iron to reactivate the adhesive once the pattern is placed in a new location.

How do I clean up overspray on tables or counters?

Use our DK5 cleaner to clean up any overspray. It does not leave a greasy film.


  1. Read general instructions
  2. Place fabric pattern on protected surface, opposite how your pattern’s layout is shown
  3. Spray pattern lightly with 202. Turn over and position on your fabric. Secure in place by pressing by hand to smooth pattern flat to fabric.
  4. Cut around pattern
  5. Peel up pattern to transfer pattern markings. Use a warm iron to re-activate glue and re-stick pattern in place.
  6. When ready to assemble, remove pattern and return to envelope
  7. Machine sew garment
  8. When using pattern a second time, just position in place and re-activate glue with a warm iron. No need to re-spray.