Item #SF404 • Can Size: 8.5 fl. oz. • Net Weight: 5.89 oz.

Permanently repositionable craft adhesive – it sticks anywhere in any combination: paper, leather, plastic, wood, metal. No residue transfers. Reposition over and over again. Use on machine quilting patterns, stencil patterns, home décor projects, memory books, paper applique templates, crafts and artwork.

Acid Free – No CFC’s

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How do I use 404 for machine quilt patterns?

For Long Arm Machine quilters: When the quilt is on the frame, spray the back of the paper pattern. Apply the pattern to the quilt. For free motion quilting: Spray the outer edges of the pattern. Apply pattern to proper location.The bond remains strong enough to withstand the rigors of machine quilting. Adhesive will not transfer to the fabric and 404 will not gum up your needle.

On what other surfaces can I use 404?

404 can make a repositionable bond between most smooth surfaces. 404 will hold stencils on the wall. You can reposition over and over. 404 will hold on ceramic, wood, painted walls, metal, leather, stone and glass.

How much time do I have to reposition?

The bond should last indefinitely or until surfaces become dusty.

How long will the bond last?

The bond will last for many months on most surfaces.

Why would I want to use 404 instead of 505?

404 remains repositionable. 505 is repositionable for 20 – 30 minutes. 404 has a higher tack for machine quilting. 404 does not wash out of fabric.

Does adhesive transfer from the sprayed surface onto the other surface?

No, as with our other adhesives, 404 stays on the surface that you sprayed.

Is 404 acid free?

Yes, 404 is archival quality. 404 will not harm or discolor fabrics, photos, paper or any other surface.

Will 404 harm the environment?

The adhesive itself is non-toxic. Our products meet or exceed all state and federal clean air regulations and contain no CFCs to affect ozone.

Is cleanup easy?

Yes, rubbing alcohol and a scrub sponge will remove a light coating of 404 from stencils and other non-porous, hard surfaces. Our DK5 will clean all our adhesives and is great to cut through build up.


  • Read general instructions
  • Choose your continuous quilting pattern. Use channel cut plastic stencils or patterns traced onto tracing paper.
  • Lightly spray back of plastic stencil pattern and trace on fabric, or spray back edges of paper patterns on tracing paper

  • Position on top of layered quilt.

  • Machine quilt

  • Remove pattern