Item #SF606 • Net Weight: 6.5 oz.

606 Spray and Fix: No-sew fusible adhesive for fabric, applique, quilting and paper images.

  • Make any Fabric, Batting or Stabilizer Fusible
  • Use for all types & styles of fabric applique. Fuse in place.
  • Great for Machine Embroidery – Makes all non-woven stabilizers fusible.
  • Permanently adhere paper images from magazines or colorful party napkins. Have fun making custom garments.
  • Scout Badges
  • Permanent Bond is Washable and Dry Cleanable.
  • Acid Free, Fabric Friendly
  • No Odor
  • No CFC’s

Suggested Retail Price: $13.99

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Does 606 work like a fusible web?

Yes, you don’t have cut an extra layer, so 606 saves time and expense. Not as stiff and less drag on the needle.

What iron setting is best?


How much time does it take to iron in place?

Iron back and forth for about 5 seconds per area.

If I get some 606 on my iron, can it be cleaned?

Yes, our DK5 works very well if you need to clean your iron or any other nonporous surface.

Will 606 stay strong when washed?

Yes, be sure and dry on low setting.

Do I need to spray both pieces?

No, just spray the back of the smaller piece you wish to fuse.