Item #FS135 • Can Size: 13.5 fl. oz. • Net Weight: 10.50 oz.

FABRIC SHIELD fabric protector helps protect against sun fading (UV rays), spills, dust and dirt. Does not stiffen, soak or discolor fabric. An even application protects all types of fabric. Washing or dry cleaning removes protection. Use on quilts, clothing, neckties, embroidery, cross stitch, drapes, upholstery and plush toys.

Acid Free – No CFC’s

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Will Fabric Shield change the color of fabric?

No. Unlike some other brands, Fabric Shield will not change the color of fabric. Also, it will not stiffen the fabric. This is especially important for quilters and other fiber artists.

How about fading from sunlight?

Fabric Shield does help protect fabric from fading. Protection is important for display items that are subjected to sunlight or flash photography.

Is Fabric Shield acid free?

Yes. Fabric Shield is acid free and does not cause discoloration or other harm over time.

Can Fabric Shield be used on all types of fabric?

Yes. Use it also to weatherproof coats and jackets. Fabric Shield is effective on drapery, table linens, placemats, doll clothes, neckties, seasonal crafts and other display items.

How long will the protection last?

That depends on how much the item is used. Fabric Shield will wear off eventually. There is sufficient protection when a sprinkle of water beads-up and rolls off. You may want to re-spray an item every few months.

Will Fabric Shield wash out?

Yes. If you wish, you may wash it out. Dry cleaning will also remove it. Simply reapply Fabric Shield to restore protection.