Spray Baste your quilts.  It saves time and gets you quilting much faster. Here is a blog post from Martingale talking about how Spray Baste helps beginners start machine quilting.  Click here sandwich your quilt in a hurry to see why to basting your quilt with temporary adhesive is a good choice.  Spray baste your quilt in less than 45 minutes.  It comes in 2 sizes. Pin basting your quilt or thread basting your quilt takes a long time, hours. Get past the sandwich laying stage to get to the fun quilting stage.  Temporary Adhesive spray will get you quilting and no stopping to remove pins.

Grab your favorite spray and get started.

quily sandwich spray baste
quilt sandwich

Use a no mark quilting method and draw your pattern on tracing paper with a water proof marker, hold the tracing paper in place with the temporary basting spray. Stitch through it following your design and then tare away your paper and your done.

Spray Baste Temporary Fabric Adhesive
Everyone’s favorite choice.