About Us

ODIF USA is the North American office and representative for ODIF SA in Lyon, France. ODIF USA opened to help grow the aerosol spray line developed by ODIF SA. The markets we cover are quilting, embroidery appliqué, dressmaking, needlework, crafts, fine art supplies and hobby. We have several new products including: Spray glitter, and spray varnish for crafts and hobby.

We have an international sales force that covers the USA, Canada, England and South Africa. We sell to all major distributors of sewing notions, mail order catalogs, independent stores and regional chains.

Our in house staff has an average experience of over 35 years in international trade and transportation, importing, procurement, warehousing and distribution, as well as sales and marketing. We have a seamless transportation pipeline between our overseas manufacturers, and suppliers to our warehouses, assuring a reliable, steady supply of product to our customers. Our goal is to process all orders within 72 hours of receipt.

We attend, exhibit, teach and demonstrate at major quilting and needlework trade shows; maintain a web site; and write articles for the trade. We work closely with nationally known artists, teachers, authors, and designers to assist with our promotion efforts.