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Fabric Booster - Easy Fabric Stiffer


Easy Fabric Stiffer is an essential aide for embroidery and creative sewing :

Enables fabric to be used with embroidery machines, cutting machines, printers.

Eliminates fraying when sewing.

It allows to modulate and give a shape to the fabric for ephemeral decorations.

It prepares and freezes materials, allowing you to create rigid 2D and 3D projects, such as fabric origami or rigid knit, etc.

After washing, fabric will return to its original state.


Dangerous. See cautions.




1. Shake before each use.
2. Place fabric on protected surface.
3. Spritz directly onto fabric.
4. Cover the wet fabric with parchment paper and iron on medium heat to dry excess, let cool, remove parchment paper and iron dry.

1. Shape fabric into desired form (i.e. a bow).
2. Allow to air dry.

Tip: To avoid wrinkling, do not bend the fabric when distributing the product and let it air dry.
Or let it dry 10-15 minutes in the open air, then iron the fabric still wet (iron at medium temperature).

Note: Pre-test any new media or materials. Do not use below 5°C.

Plus product

• Solvent free
• Acid free
• Leaves no residue
• Fabric regains suppleness after washing
• Made in France
• No CFC

Spray distance

20 cm