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DIY - Fabric Origami

Photo : DIY - Fabric Origami

Make very nice origami in fabric thanks to the Odif Fabric Booster that will allow you to work the fabric like paper.

Duration : 1h30
Difficulty : 1/5
Material : DIY - Fabric Origami


  • Odif Fabric Booster 
  • Fabric
  • Template
  • Iron
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Bonus :Odif 808 Reactivating Adhesive

Step 1

Step 1
  • Protect your work surface.
  • Shake the Odif Fabric Booster.
  • Spray the Odif Fabric Booster on your fabric.

Step 2

Step 2
  • Allow your fabric to air dry or iron it with an iron and protect with parchment paper. 

Step 3

Step 3
  • Download and print the templates (below the main image)
  • Position the templates on your fabric.
  • Draw the contours and cut

Trick : 

  • Spray the Odif 808 Reactivable Pattern Adhesive on the back of the templates.
  • Press firmly to join paper to surfaces.
  • Proceed to cut around pattern.
  • When finished carefully peel away pattern to save for future projects.
  • Once dry, 808 is not sticky.
  • To reuse the pattern, reactivate 808 by ironing the pattern on the fabric.

Step 4

Step 4
  • Follow the steps to make the origami by watching a very explanatory video of "Les Origami de Thomas"
  • The video is HERE.



Your origami is ready !!!!


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