808-Paper Pattern Adhesive


When dry, 808 is not sticky and easily stored for future use. Does not gum needles or scissors.

Pattern is pressed or ironed onto surface. Easily cut patterns out of difficult to handle fabrics.
After using, can be stored to use again and again by reactivating with an iron. Make your own temporary fusible projects. Dangerous. See cautions.


DANGER : Extremely flammable. Vapors may cause flash fire. Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate (burn) container. Do not store at temperature over 120°F (50°C).

How to use

1. Shake well before using.
2. Spray from 6 inches onto back of pattern.
3. Press firmly or iron on medium heat to adhere paper to surface.
4. Cut around pattern.
5. When finished, carefully remove pattern, wait until dry, and store.
6. To reuse pattern, reactivate by ironing.pattern onto the fabric. This can be done repeatedly.