Fabric Booster-Easy Fabric Stiffener


An indispensable tool for crafting. This product will temporarily stiffen fabric for better handling or stabilizing. Quick and easy no mess application. Eliminates fraying when sewing projects or wavy results when sewing stretch materials. It will render fabric just like paper for use with cutting machines so that even the most intricate of designs is perfectly cut. Great for use on appliqué projects.

No Mess application:

  1. Spray Fabric Booster directly on fabric.
  2. Cover with parchment paper and iron for 30 seconds.
  3. Remove parchment paper to finish ironing dry.

To use on fabric for free form project:

  1. Shape the fabric or threads or fibers to desired shape.
  2. Spray Fabric Booster directly onto project to stiffen the desired area.
  3. Allow to air dry.

After washing, fabric will return to its original state.

Water based product. Acid free.

How to use


A.  1. Shake before each use.

2. Place fabric on protected surface.

3. Spritz directly onto fabric.

4. Cover the wet fabric with parchment paper and iron on medium heat to dry excess, let cool, remove parchment paper and iron dry .

B. 1. Shape fabric into desired form (i.e. a bow).

2. Allow to air dry.

Note : Make a test for each new application to ensure suitability. Do not use below 5°C/41°F.