Odicoat-Gel coating



Protect your projects or fabric accessories. When dry, coated surface is resistant to water and stains. May also be used as a strong adhesive for fabric or fabrics applied to wood, cardboard, metal, glass, ceramic, pottery, styrofoam, stone, etc. Ideal for toiletry accessories, bags, tablecloths, placemats, aprons, embroideries, quilts,etc. Perfect for indoor and outdoor decorating as well as embellishment of clothing and accessories.

Precaution of use

For your security, use only for its purpose and in accordance with the instructions.
Wash hands after use. Do not ingest.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Manufacturer cannot be responsible for dangerous storage conditions or misuse.

How to use

Best applied with a flat brush or spatula. Wait until dry before applying additional coats. Completely dry after 24 hrs.

1- Waterproofing: Place fabric on a flat protected surface. Protect fabric with a parchment paper when ironing. Fabric may be laundered in warm water after sealing.
2- Collage and fabric embellishing: Apply Odicoat to a substrate before putting down fabric.
Apply Odicoat to the fabric. When completely dry the project will have a satin finish aspect that is resistant to stains and water.

For optimum protection: when dry, additional coats may be applied. Application of additional layers will result in a higher gloss effect.
Note: Brush or spatula may be cleaned with warm water. Test all materials and new mediums before use.
Wash hands after use. Do not ingest.
Keep out of reach of children.