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    606 Spray and Fix: No-sew fusible adhesive for fabric, applique, quilting and paper images.

  • Make any Fabric, Batting or Stabilizer Fusible
  • Use for all types & styles of fabric applique. Fuse in place.
  • Great for Machine Embroidery – Makes all non-woven stabilizers fusible.
  • Permanently adhere paper images from magazines or colorful party napkins. Have fun making custom garments.
  • Scout Badges
  • Permanent Bond is Washable and Dry Cleanable.
  • Acid Free, Fabric Friendly
  • No Odor
  • No CFC’s

Item Number: SF606
Net Weight: 6.5 oz.
Suggested Retail: $13.99

Clickable FAQ

1. Does 606 work like a fusible web?

Yes, you don’t have cut an extra layer, so 606 saves time and expense. Not as stiff and less drag on the needle.

2. What iron setting is best?


3. How much time does it take to iron in place?

Iron back and forth for about 5 seconds per area.

4. If I get some 606 on my iron, can it be cleaned?

Yes, our DK5 works very well if you need to clean your iron or any other nonporous surface.

5. Will 606 stay strong when washed?

Yes, be sure and dry on low setting.

6. Do I need to spray both pieces?

No, just spray the back  of the smaller piece you wish to fuse.




Temporary, repositionable, fabric adhesive used to temporarily bond fabric. Odorless, colorless, no mist, does not gum sewing needles. Use for machine applique, quilting, basting, holding fabric to stabilizers in machine embroidery and hemming.

Acid Free – No CFC’s

Item number: SF505
8.5 fl. oz. Can
Net Weight 6.2 oz.
Suggested Retail $12.99
Item number: SF515
17 fl. oz. Can
Net Weight 10.93 oz.
Suggested Retail $22.99
Clickable FAQ

1. Does 505 have an offensive odor?

No. 505 is odorless.

2. Is 505 repositionable?

Yes, quilt layers and applique lift easily leaving no residue behind. You can reposition several times for the first 15-20 minutes. After that you would have to reapply spray.

3. How do I use 505 for basting quilt layers?

Simply spray a very light coating on one side of the batting. Position the quilt  top onto batting.You may want to do this in a few sections if  you are working on a large project. It is very easy to reposition. Turn over and repeat the procedure for the backing. You can baste a quilt in about 10 minutes. See 505 How To instructions.

4. How do I use 505 for applique?

For raw edge applique: Spray a little on the back of the applique piece and position  in place. Use a satin stitch or decorative stitch to cover the  raw edge. For finished edge applique: Cut out paper pattern without seam allowance. Spray wrong side of pattern with 505 and stick  to wrong side of fabric. Cut out applique from fabric with 1/4″ seam allowance. Place applique with paper side up and spray 505  covering to edges. Fold and stick seam allowance onto paper.  You can now stick applique on the background fabric and stitch.  Cut out paper from back.

5. Does 505 make layers difficult to needle?

No, you don’t notice that it is there. There is no drag on the needle when hand or machine sewing.

6. Will 505 gum up needles or scissors?

No. 505 was developed for use in the commercial embroidery industry and it is essential that 505 not gum up needles or scissors.

7. How long will the bond last?

About 2 months for polyester and about 4 months for natural/blends. Sew in place during that time. The bond will release when washed.

8. Does the adhesive transfer onto the other fabric?

No, Just spray and wait a minute to set. As with our other adhesives, 505 stays on the surface that you have sprayed.

9. Is 505 acid free?

Yes, it will not harm or discolor fabric.

10. Will 505 harm the environment?

The adhesive itself is non-toxic. Our products meet or exceed all state and federal clean air regulations and contain no CFCs to affect ozone.

11. Is cleanup easy?

Yes, cleanup with soap and water. If you have sprayed too much, try Murphy’s Oil Soap and a scrub sponge.



Permanently repositionable craft adhesive – it sticks anywhere in any combination: paper, leather, plastic, wood, metal. No residue transfers. Reposition over and over again. Use on machine quilting patterns, stencil patterns, home décor projects, memory books, paper applique templates, crafts and artwork.

Acid Free – No CFC’s

Item number: SF404
8.5 fl. oz. Can
Net Weight 5.89 oz.
Suggested Retail $12.99

Clickable FAQ

1. How do I use 404 for machine quilt patterns?

For Long Arm Machine quilters: When the quilt is on the frame, spray the back of the paper pattern. Apply the pattern to the quilt. For free motion quilting: Spray the outer edges of the pattern. Apply pattern to proper location.The bond remains strong enough to withstand the rigors of machine quilting. Adhesive will not transfer to the fabric and 404 will not gum up your needle.

2. On what other surfaces can I use 404?

404 can make a repositionable bond between most smooth surfaces. 404 will hold stencils on the wall. You can reposition over and over. 404 will hold on ceramic, wood, painted walls, metal, leather, stone and glass.

3. How much time do I have to reposition?

The bond should last indefinitely or until surfaces become dusty.

4. How long will the bond last?

The bond will last for many months on most surfaces.

5. Why would I want to use 404 instead of 505?

404 remains repositionable. 505 is repositionable for 20 – 30 minutes. 404 has a higher tack for machine quilting. 404 does not wash out of fabric.

6. Does adhesive transfer from the sprayed surface onto the other surface?

No, as with our other adhesives, 404 stays on the surface that you sprayed.

7. Is 404 acid free?

Yes, 404 is archival quality. 404 will not harm or discolor fabrics, photos, paper or any other surface.

8. Will 404 harm the environment?

The adhesive itself is non-toxic. Our products meet or exceed all state and federal clean air regulations and contain no CFCs to affect ozone.

9. Is cleanup easy?

Yes, rubbing alcohol and a scrub sponge will remove a light coating of 404 from stencils and other non-porous, hard surfaces.  Our DK5 will clean all our adhesives and is great to cut through build up.



Temporary adhesive for paper patterns. Eliminates pinning. Dries in 5 minutes so patterns can be stored for future use. Warm iron re-activates glue for the next use. If re-positioning, iron to hold pattern in place a second time. Does not gum needles or scissors. Make your own fusible appliqué projects. Great for appliqué, toy, dress and fashion patterns.

Acid Free – No CFC’s

Item number: SF202
8.5 fl. oz. Can
Net Weight 6.0 oz.
Suggested Retail $12.99

Clickable FAQ

1. Does the adhesive transfer onto the fabric?

No, as with our other adhesives, just let 202 set for a minute and it will not transfer from the surface that you have sprayed.

2. Once dry can 202 be used again without spraying?

Yes, you can reactivate the adhesive with a low temperature iron.  This can be done 3 or 4 times before you will need to spray again.

3. Can 202 be used on fabric?

Yes 202 works great as a light weight fusible bonding spray on web.  Try it on raw edge appliqué that you are going to sew down.  A warm iron makes an even bond that holds till you sew it.

4. Is 202 acid free?

Yes, it will not harm or discolor fabric

5. Is 202 repositionable?

Yes, 202 is repositionable. If  202 is still tacky just reposition in a new location.  If 202 has dried just use a warm iron to reactivate the adhesive once the pattern is placed in a new location.

6. How do I clean up overspray on tables or counters?

Use our DK5 cleaner to clean up any overspray.  It does not leave a greasy film.



DK5 Cleaning Agent for clean-up of over-spray when using our Spray and Fix Adhesive Sprays – 202, 303, 404, 505 and 606. Cleans hoops, needles, frames and stencils. Also use on plastic, metal, glass, stone and ceramic surfaces. Not for use on fabric surfaces.

No CFC’s – Pump Spray

Item number: DK530
Net Weight 5.89 oz.
Suggested Retail $8.79

Clickable FAQ

1. Which adhesives can be cleaned with DK5?

All Spray and Fix adhesives as well as many other adhesives, glue and tape residue.

2. Does DK5 leave an oily residue?

No, be sure and use a  clean dry rag.

3. How long should DK5 soak?

This depends on adhesive build up. DK5 should only need a few minutes, then rub with a rag.

4. Will DK5 clean adhesive on my iron?

Yes, any nonporous surface. Sewing machines, tabletops etc.


Fabric Shield

FABRIC SHIELD fabric protector helps protect against sun fading (UV rays), spills, dust and dirt. Does not stiffen, soak or discolor fabric. An even application protects all types of fabric. Washing or dry cleaning removes protection. Use on quilts, clothing, neckties, embroidery, cross stitch, drapes, upholstery and plush toys.

Acid Free – No CFC’s

Item number: FS135
13.5 fl. oz. Can
Net Weight 10.50 oz.
Suggested Retail $14.99

Clickable FAQ

1. Will Fabric Shield change the color of fabric?

No. Unlike some other brands, Fabric Shield will not change the color of fabric. Also,  it will not stiffen the fabric. This is especially important for quilters and other fiber artists.

2. How about fading from sunlight?

Fabric Shield does help protect fabric from fading. Protection is important for display items that are subjected to sunlight or flash photography.

3. Is Fabric Shield acid free?

Yes. Fabric Shield is acid free and does not cause discoloration or other harm over time.

4. Can Fabric Shield be used on all types of fabric?

Yes. Use it also to  weatherproof coats and jackets. Fabric Shield is effective on drapery, table linens, placemats, doll clothes, neckties, seasonal crafts and other display items.

5. How long will the protection last?

That depends on how much the item is used. Fabric Shield will wear off eventually. There is sufficient protection when a sprinkle of water beads-up and rolls off. You may want to re-spray an item every few months.

6. Will Fabric Shield wash out?

Yes. If you wish, you may wash it out.  Dry cleaning will also remove it. Simply reapply Fabric Shield to restore protection.

Fabric Shield

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