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DIY, Inspiration, Decoration

DIY - Scrappy quilted pillow 2 in 1

Do you need inspiration for using your scraps?

DIY - Ipad zipper pouch

Make an Ipad zipper pouch

DIY - Photo frame

DIY - Bunny bag

A very cute little bag

DIY - Bunny basket

Make your own bunny basket !

DIY - How to make a Modern Mini Quilt with Odif 505

Make a modern mini quilt

DIY - Customize your sweatshirt for this winter

Customize your clothes

DIY - Fabric Christmas Baubles

DIY upcycling - fabric christmas baubles

DIY - Sew a barrier mask

Sew your own face mask

DIY - Simple elastic waist skirt (seamless)

A 100% seamless skirt

DIY - Gift urn

Recycle a world globe into a gift urn

DIY - Fabric Origami

Work fabric like paper

DIY - Mobile in fabric x Cricut

A nice mobile in fabric

DIY - Greeting Card

Homemade greeting card

DIY - Advent Calendar

Homemade advent calendar

DIY - Glittery bulb

Upcycling idea

DIY - Glittery mask

DIY Glitterry mask

DIY - Customized Folder Storage

Organize your Workplace !

DIY - Kitty Planter

DIY - Ice Cream Cone Dolls

DIY - Colorful lightbulb garland

A customized garland

DIY - Headband

A Headband for summer !

DIY - No Sew Customized Tote Bag

A new look for your tote bag

DIY - Little rabbit backpack

A cute little bunny backpack

DIY - Cacti Easter eggs

Cacti Easter eggs

DIY - Jewel April Fish

DIY - Fabric Fish Earrings

DIY - Love Jar

Love Jar for Valentine's Day

DIY - Baby Bloomer bébé

DIY - Bloomer for baby

DIY - Fabric Bookmark

Make a pretty fabric bookmark.

DIY - Aerial advent calendar

DIY - aerial advent calendar

DIY - Watermelon bib Al&co

Nice watermelon-shaped bib

DIY - Panda hair clip

Original hair clip

DIY - Coasters

Nice personalized coasters

DIY - Glitter Pencil Jar

Glitter Pencil Jar

DIY - Glittery pencils

Glittery pencils

DIY - Fabric notebook

Fabric notebook for the new school year

DIY - Personalized notebook

A personalized notebook for the new school year

DIY - Watermelon bottles

DIY - Watermelon bottles

DIY - Flowers Fabric Necklace

Make a fabric necklace.

DIY - 3 creative planters ideas

3 creative homemade planters ideas

DIY - Mother's Day flower card

A nice floral card for Mother's Day.

DIY - Give your hangers a makeover

Customize your hangers for a unique wardrobe

DIY - Fabric Necklace

Make a beautiful fabric necklace

DIY - Customise your flower pots

Recycle your flower pots.

DIY - A glitter crown

A glitter crown

DIY - Valentine’s Day decoration

Valentine’s Day decoration

DIY - Customized metal boxes

Customized metal boxes

DIY - Kitchen apron for gourmets

Kitchen apron for gourmets

DIY - Christmas candle holder

Create a Christmas candle to enhance your table decoration

DIY - Paper Christmas Balls

Decorate your Christmas tree with glitter paper balls

DIY - Christmas balls in buttons

Create an original Christmas decoration, by getting the buttons from your drawers

DIY - Advent Calendar 2017

Homemade advent calendar

DIY - Pie bag

Create your pie bag

DIY - Rain cape

A rain cape that will be perfect for your children:)

DIY - Decoration: Autumn table

Create an autumn atmosphere for your table decoration.

DIY - Easy decoration: twined apples

Small twined apples to decorate your table.

DIY - Trick or Treat ! Little witch, scare me

DIY - Customize your canvas sneakers

DIY - Your homemade diary for a zen start to the school year

DIY - Your homemade binder for a zen return to school.

DIY - Create your Berlingot Wallet

DIY - Rectangular School Kit

DIY - Make your swimsuit bag

DIY - A big bag for the market.

Summer bag

DIY - Paper Writing - Travel Memory

Paper Writing

DIY - Travel writing in fabric

DIY - Customizable bibs

Customizable bibs!

DIY - Perfect espadrilles for a Garden Party

Trendy espadrilles !

DIY - Fabric Butterfly Clips

Pretty butterfly clips

DIY - Spring table settings

Modern and trendy table sets!

DIY - Jack O’Lantern

DIY - Tic Tac Toe game

DIY - Christmas Glitter Card

DIY - Recycle your glass bottles

DIY - Vintage Bottle

DIY - Spring key ring

DIY - Special wool decoration

DIY - Special card for a special Valentine

DIY - Felt Easter Basket

DIY - Rabbit Card - Happy Easter

DIY - Bucolic flower pot : eco upcycling

DIY - Upcycled pencil holder